Need volunteer Executive Assistant immediately

Executive Assistant He or she will virtually work closely with the BWI leadership team and spend 3 hours per week. Responsibilities: At the Mini-summit (July 12th), capture (summary notes, statements, photographs, audio recording, etc.) and report discussions/deliberations Summarize discussions at Safe Space Sundays Qualifications: English proficiency and ability to understand/transcribe vernacular Nepali The ability or willingness to learn to […]

Wellness mini summit – Sunday, July 12th 2020

Please come join us and hear from our experts and our partners as we discuss our recent Mental Health Photo Novel (developed by our youth volunteers), Depression among Nepalese Diaspora, Social injustice and Wellness, and many more topics on various facets of mind-body wellness.  

Black Lives Matter

A statement on “Black Lives Matter” had to be explicit and needed declaration: in too many people’s minds and in too many socio-economic-health-educational institutions and organizations, Black lives do not matter! The murder of George Floyd (and other African-Americans) provides horrific evidence that racism exists and racial oppression continues in the United States of America. Indeed, it is a shame and an outrage that […]

We need volunteers to help in our Covid-19 related activities!

The Be Well Initiative (BWI) is an exciting initiative and has its roots in human suffering – 2015 Nepal earthquake. This is a collaboration of community leaders,  advocates and professionals. Youth community members are invited to join us. Please contact:

Caring for Mind Body Spirit in the face of COVID 19

Please come and hear from our mental health experts as they prepare us to stay vigilant amid the COVID 19 crisis by providing stress management strategies to improve our physical and emotional well being. Presenters (Physical Health) Bharati Devkota, LCPC (Emotional Health) Anshu Basnyat, LCPC When: SUNDAY APRIL 19, 2020 Where: Virtual via Zoom Platform (Please […]

If you are having suicidal thoughts, feelings, or urges, contact emergency services at 911, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255