Reflection on Helping a community with a tragedy “Lets talk about Mental Health”

The Dec 3rd program was an event where community members came to learn, absorb, participate, and take home vital information and new ideas.  The mood in the room seemed both alive and sublime as if participants were revealing and expressing their authentic selves. From the get go, they were helping, cooperating, ready to give, receive, and share.

Also, the media people seemed excited broadcasting live to the diaspora community.

With a short introduction of the program, organizers, and experts, the program moved to an interactive mode facilitated by Stress Doc,Mark Gorkin.

Presentations by Dr. Madan Uprety and Bharati Devkota (Clinical Counselor) were very informative and served to clear much of the fog from our Nepali belief systems about mental and emotional health.  These experts helped dispel myths about mental health and highlighted opportunities to perceive and treat mental health issues like medical health issues.

Dr. Gurung drew the audience back to day-to-day issue of stress and anxiety and emphasized that the Be Well team is developing tools to deal with the challenges of “Pursuing the American Dream” and feeling like “A Stranger in a Strange Land” in a simple and effective manner.  Mark introduced “Mind-Body Resilience with Natural SPEED, i.e. Be Well with Natural SPEED:

S = Sleep निन्द्रा

P = Priorities/Passion काम

E = Empathy दया

E = Exercise कसरत

D = Diet खानपीन

The participants remained engaged throughout the 3-hour program and were invited to reflect upon their experience to wrap up the event.  Three champions stepped forward and were excited to share their “take home” messages.

After SANN President, Manju Sangraula, outlined her plan, the program adjourned with strong hopes of continuing the conversation on an ongoing basis.  The Be Well team expressed their determination to advance Mind-Body health for the Nepali diaspora community.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, feelings, or urges, contact emergency services at 911, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255