Bharati Devkota

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Prem Bharati Devkota is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. In her practice, she uses various psychotherapeutic models based on patient’s need.

Bharati is providing her psychotherapy services at her private practice Sunlight Natural Health, Lutherville and TIME organization, Baltimore. At Johns Hopkins Integrative Medicine and Digestive Center, Bharati is providing Cognitive Behavior Therapy to treat clinical conditions of anxiety, depression, trauma, stress related health conditions, chronic pain, and fatigue. Bharati also emphasizes on holistic health by focusing on positive thoughts and active life styles.

She helps patients to stay in touch with their inner self and work towards improving the healing capacity of their body. She completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Institute of Medicine, Nepal and Certificate of Advanced Study in Counseling Psychology from Loyola University, Maryland. Bharat received her bachelor’s degree in Homeopathic medicine from Karnataka, India and has more than ten years of clinical experience in the field of homeopathic medicine.

Bharati is nationally Certified Classical Homeopath. Bharati has worked with conflict-affected population from 2004-2008 during the heightened conflict in Nepal during her residency as well as in her clinical practice in Nepal. She has experience in providing clinical treatment as well as conducting trainings in the area of counseling, trauma, self-care, and other mental health topics.

Currently, Bharati is working with Bhutanese Nepali refugee community in Baltimore by raising awareness in the area of mental health. She can provide
therapy in English, Nepali, and Hindi.

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